This is our first project that started in 2013.
We evaluated a huge shift after the market crash that created a disastrous situation for brick and mortar entities large and small that left many stuck to either faltering or learn new shopping behaviors.

Our Solution

We have designed an entire ecosystem that benefits any type of business.

Online Vendors

We start off with online vendors.
Because they have the best seo rankings and are more tech savvy with how to accommodate online products.
We take a 5% fee but we do not keep it as commission.
What we do is we take these commissions and put them back into the economy for participating cities.

This helps pay drivers competitive wages while keeping participating businesses at minimal expenses and maximized tool sets.

Brick and Mortar

We have provided a world class tool set for brick and mortar stores that want to transition into click and mortar entities.
We charge 5% on all online transactions and 3% for in store sales but we do not keep this commission either.

What we do is we put it in a reserve for relief for families during extreme situations.
We have determined that weather patterns and natural disasters are becoming more rapid while the economy is unpredictable.

When an area is affected we take reserves and we give it back to the people.

What about the homeless?

We have our own state of the art premium ads platform.
These ads are bought and distributed among st all internal and external sites that we are affiliated with.

We keep track on the geo location of where these ads are being bought and what we do is we also reserve this money and donate it to charities that help assist the homeless, women and children that are less fortunate.

So where do we make our money?

We prosper through our professional hosting and web development  solutions.

Efutura Technologies
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